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Questions New Clients Frequently Ask

Q: What determines the rent for my property?

A: The corporate leasing staff prepares a market rent survey on upcoming vacant apartments, condos, and houses. The market survey includes units with similar layouts, appliances, and # of bedrooms which are compiled in your property’s immediate area. The current economy is taken into account for a fair rental price that will attract the best financially qualified applicant.

Q: What is done to market my vacancies?  Where do you advertise?

A: ABPMCo, Inc. coordinates all property marketing. A professional stake or mounted sign is posted on the outside of each property with a vacancy. Every vacant unit is listed (on the website), posted on Craig’s List, and many units are displayed on  Postlets.We advertise in the Gazette, the OC Register, and in Apartment Finder.com. Brochure boxes and fliers are utilized in certain communities.

Q: What is involved in preparing a property for rent?

A: A walk through of the vacant unit is performed by the maintenance staff to determine what repairs or upgrades are needed to make the unit or house rent ready. The vendors are lined up to take care of the necessary work, with bids to owners if requested. Once the work is completed, the maintenance staff does a final inspection.

Q: How are tenants selected?

A: The leasing agent at the corporate office interviews and processes the applications of all prospective tenants. A landlord credit check is done on each applicant, which lists any credit problems, court records, evictions and liens and provides a debt summary. In order to rent from ABPMCo, Inc., tenants must have no evictions and proof of income 2.5 times the rent. Where pets are allowed, the leasing agent obtains a pet application and photo for each pet and pet deposit. Many dog breeds are excluded due to insurance guidelines.

Q: How are repairs handled at my property?

A:  ABPMCo, Inc. orders out and supervises all the repairs at your property. Independent contractors and handymen are hired who give us the best price in the marketplace. Any discounts are passed to the property owner. Annual inspections are conducted to check for plumbing leaks, roof wear, peeling paint, mildew, and tenant damage.  Tenant caused damage is billed back to the culpable tenant or taken out of their deposit, if they do not pay the bill back promptly.

Q: Who are the vendors that maintain or repair my property?

A: ABPMCo, Inc. has long-standing business relationships with a variety of vendors that work locally. Many have been working with ABPMCo, Inc. for over 25 years. They know the properties we manage and take extra care with their work. Licensed contractors are hired for all major plumbing, electrical, heating and roofing jobs. Various handymen and cleaning crews are used depending on the location of the property and scope of work needed.

Q: Where do you manage property?

A: ABPMCo,Inc. has managed property in over 75 cities in the Southland. The company has the largest number of units in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, and Lakewood. Call to see if your location will fit into our management area of expertise.

Q: What is your management fee?

A: Fees are charged according to the location of the property, the number of units and the degree of difficulty to manage your property. Discounts are given for multiple properties managed for the same owner. Fees range from 4% to 6% of the monthly income on apartment complexes. Duplex, house and condo fees range from 6-10% depending on the location of the property, expected amount of monthly rent, & difficulty. Please call 562 498 0159 for a management quote.

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